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I don't usually write fanfiction or drabbles, but it's been happening more and more lately and I'd rather have them in one spot opposed to spread out all over the internet! You'll mostly find Glee related things, though I can't promise a little Harry Potter won't slip in! If you have any questions or prompts, feel free to head on over to my ask.

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  • WORDS →  4,305
  • SHIPPING  → Mentions of Klaine, eventual Kurtbastian.
  • THE SYNOPSIS  → Kurt wakes up alone and confused as hell in the hospital when he runs into a very nasty surprise. The last person he’s expecting to see at his side would be Sebastian Smythe. 
  • GENERAL NOTES → Inspired by this incredible photoset here, so essentially The Walking Dead, though it’s going to take a very different route. Everything up to On My Way is canon save for the fact that it’s Kurt that was late, not Quinn. Along with that the accident was also much less serious, though enough to put him under for a while. If you’re looking for instant Kurtbastian, you probably don’t want to waste your time considering build-up is my favorite so there will be much of that. I also apologize for the rambling, setting up things always takes the longest.

It’s a kick start to the fucking heart when Kurt lunges forward, yanked unceremoniously from his unconscious slumber. The pain takes a full three seconds to shoot through his limbs and suddenly the world is materializing around him. His head feels like it’s smashed and on fire all at once, there is a ruthless pinch down at his wrist and a clatter currently echoing off the walls which only increases the inner fire in his brain. At first he doesn’t think he’s breathing despite his chest heaving ridiculously against the thin fabric of the hospital gown. His body feels tight but broken, numb and unresponsive, even as he blinks ferociously rubbing his eyes through the pain, he is discombobulated and so, so fucking confused. The clatter finally subsides when the fallen IV settles on the floor which he would normally be beyond thankful for, but Kurt’s throat is on absolute fire, and it’s dry and it hurts so much to swallow. He coughs into the stagnant air only to feel the burn shoot down his esophagus. Kurt has never felt this horrible, not even after the rise and fall of April Rhodes. This is a different kind of pain though, almost surreal and out of body but he can’t put his finger on it.

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  • WORDS   1,148.
  • FANDOM  ☆ Harry Potter.
  • SHIPPING ☆N/a.
  • THE SYNOPSIS☆The battles over but that didn’t stop them. Harry is twenty two and things aren’t what he imagines, he’s lost, depressed and about to lose the last thing he’s held on to. 
  • GENERAL NOTES  ☆  No specific pairing involved, and this is a somewhat AU DH. As of right now, this is a one shot, though I may take it somewhere in the future depending.

He’s twenty two now but looks well worn. Wrinkles of pain and suffering etch lightly over the surface - he’s too young for this. He’s spent years of watching his life fall apart, years trying to save everyone and years above all, trying to find happiness. His name is Harry Potter and happiness doesn’t come. Harry Potter has an omen about him, everyone he loves dies. Everyone around him dies - he can’t find happiness because it doesn’t exist, not in his world. The memories he cherishes are the years he could have died, the years he fought Voldemort and the years that he had Ron and Hermione by his side. That doesn’t exist anymore - nor does his happiness. Things were supposed to get better after the final battle.

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  • WORDS →  2,032.
  • SHIPPING   Implied Klaine, focus is Seblaine however.
  • THE SYNOPSIS → Blaine’s forced to go wash the gel out of his hair before Brittany will let him into the prom and someone unexpected shows up.
  • GENERAL NOTES → This is a repost from my other account since I’m moving all my writing to the one.

Blaine can’t help but huff to himself as he turns into the bathroom, disdain evident on his features because he really can’t believe this is happening. He feels humiliated and pretty defeated, truthfully. As it turned out, playing himself off as an ice sculpture hadn’t went as smoothly as he planned. If he really wanted to argue he could tell Brittany that music hadn’t even been invented back then, nor had the confetti, nor buildings and the list only went on - but this was Blaine Anderson, and he was bigger than this despite the mixture of anxiety and embarrassment slowly forming in the pit of his stomach. 

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